Behold! My super laptop…!

I want to ask everyone. What does this look like?




It might shock you, but its my laptop that I have been using for the past 3,5 years after purchasing it in Japan. And no, I didn’t buy it for second-hand. I also want to ask myself how I turned my laptop to look like this in 3.5 years…..

Untill recently, the buttons worked despite some of them missing the key. I just simply had to press it down hard. But now, the “U” button and the backspace button doesnt work….

Dont worry I will still continue to translate! But….my keyboard is certainly a challenge to use.

I can understand how Ussop felt when the crew decided to abandon Going Merry.

44 thoughts on “Behold! My super laptop…!

  1. You don’t really need to ask us. Just ask yourself these questions.
    1. Can I afford a new laptop (preferably something with a balance of durability and performance)?
    2. Can I still use this? And for how much longer (go check with an electronic service shop or something; it’s probably best if you get a new one before this one dies for good)?
    3. Can you scavenge it for parts (I suggest you salvage anything you can find, especially the hard drive since you can use it for spares)?

    Now all you need to worry about is whether you’ve got backups of your laptop’s hard drive just in case, then give it a proper sendoff. Like blowing the carcass up or holding a funeral. You HAVE had it for more than 3 years, after all. XD

  2. It’s horrible,zero-sama.I think u should replace the keyboard before it is getting worse!Maybe it is the reflecton of ur hard work!

  3. Let me guess. You had that laptop in your bag and for one or another reason you hit it against something hard, right ?

    Well, if you choose an external keyboard then you might look at “Cherry MX-Board 3.0”.

    And as for the current one… there shouldn’t be a problem taking it apart and trying to repair it…

  4. i think it’s better to buy a new one. because sometimes old laptop that’s been used for a long time has a chance to crash a lot. i know because my old laptop like to crash when i used it after 2 year or so.

  5. You can always buy an external usb keyboard, but I think you should change your laptop. Let it’s memory rest in piece before it rests in pieces. Using your words, “Go and buy a new laptop fucktard” (no offence meant. Please don’t stop translating because of me).

  6. “What does this look like?” you ask. If you want to know the truth, it looks like something you found on the airstrip following the recent San Francisco plane crash. Seriously need replacing.

  7. lmao had mine for 3yrs and is in the same condition as yours jst missing the V and the open side is where you plug in the charger…then where you plug in the charger riped out D: so i cant even turn it on now…luckily my desktop 5yrs still works awesomely! anyways gl n thnks for those hours i spent reading loved it!

  8. Now I know why the deadline can’t be met… Laptops sure are prone to short- to mid-term damge, huh? I don’t have one, but people I know that do start having problems with them 1-2 years after purchase…

  9. Hey how about you trade in that laptop, if money is an issue that is. They should give you a little bit off from your next purchase ^___^ Which will be a super awesome new laptop~

  10. Its a wonder how you managed to make your notebook like that, but its impressive how you can still turn it on lol.
    As for a keyboard, does your notebook still has a USB that works? if so you can just buy a cheap keyboard and connect it to the notebook

  11. The keyboard is fine actually. The biggest problem is in the last picture. If the entire array is separating that means things can either fall in or fall out. Especially with laptops that can run a bit hot due to being so compact. Last thing you need is a dust bunny to accumulate and then set fire literally frying your machine and hands.

  12. let me tell you how to get a laptop for 10 to 30 bucks. Go online and search for a Local city auction. I bought a Dell latitude 6410 ATG pulled from a patrol car for 32 bucks that just needed a hard drive. Which i just happened to have an external hard drive that i was able to use for it (they are just a SATA drive with an adapter and a case) and voila a lightly used laptop with an Core i7 for 32 bucks.if you want i will buy another one and give it to you after i put a drive in it. Such is my great need and addiction to High School DxD lol.

  13. Wow and i though mine was really in a bad shape with a black stain in it’s screen. You better get a new one and let that poor thing rest forever. It’s work with you will never be forgotten.

  14. I see… n0m@n-kun is right handed and has a tendency to write hitting hard da keys, the clap sound is rithmic, the keyboard is bilingual, so I guess the iME windows is from factory, on the other hand, I can say that he erred when servicing his laptop, loses some screws, usually this happens when not baring all or open your machine without care, the reason why he is so broke because he lacks the anchors screws holding the monitor, I would recommend caution, when you have that flaw, is easy to damage the wires on the WIFI and monitor.

    need patience, crazy glue, plastic glue (to make the new screw hole), screws and some tape.

  15. He is probably trying to find a part time job to buy a new computer – that or I heard a rumor about him starting to translate BL under another alias.
    If every dxd fan donated a dollar to him for his new computer he would prob be on more often.

  16. An option: someone told me he had a laptop with a broken screen. so he uses his laptop as a cpu unit with a usb keyboard and mouse.
    Also i broke my mouse about 10 times and i dont even play computer games.

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