Half way done

Half way done with the translation of volume 15. Seriously, not having your own laptop sure is a pain.
So what does my laptop look like now? Check for yourself.


Hmm. Nothing is more dangerous than a noob(In this case myself) opening his laptop. I had to do it because the fan stopped and some smoke came out from the inside…….

I’m currently doing translation on my dad’s laptop and at uni. But it sure is scary since people might see the words such as “breasts” on the screen.

Im looking for a part-time job but still no luck. So I made a donation button since lots of people suggested I should.

So hopefully, I can save up enough to buy a laptop which can atleast play VN…(Cough…eroge…)…….

Donate Button

Behold! My super laptop…!

I want to ask everyone. What does this look like?




It might shock you, but its my laptop that I have been using for the past 3,5 years after purchasing it in Japan. And no, I didn’t buy it for second-hand. I also want to ask myself how I turned my laptop to look like this in 3.5 years…..

Untill recently, the buttons worked despite some of them missing the key. I just simply had to press it down hard. But now, the “U” button and the backspace button doesnt work….

Dont worry I will still continue to translate! But….my keyboard is certainly a challenge to use.

I can understand how Ussop felt when the crew decided to abandon Going Merry.