May and June Books

May and June Books

Sweet. Behold at all these beautiful covers! Just kidding. My books that I ordered for this months came. I took a photo of them along with the books I brought on May. And out of the books I brought this month, the scans for  DxD Volume 15 and Absolute Duo Volume 3 was released the same time as I got them(Which is today)…..

Hmmm, oh well. At least I can cook some stuff since Shokugeki no Soma had 5 recipes in it (Volume 1 only had 1 recipe).

Anyway, I will start the translation for volume 15 from Friday. I’m planning to finish it in 2 weeks, since I will be having 2 weeks of free time. Some people asked me to post every time I do a chapter, but making a post every now and then is a hassle. But like I said before, I will try and have it done in 2 weeks.

See ya.

33 thoughts on “May and June Books

  1. *Crying* zero sama, novels are fine, but how about taking on one different task for your free time in future?
    Please teach us foolish commoners some Japanese

  2. Aww yeah! Code-Zero like a boss. Anything translated is greatly appreciated by not only just me but im sure everyone else too 🙂 So i guess i’ll just sit tightly and wait for whatever translated comes out without pestering ^_^ (Those who do just need to learn patience…)

  3. from left to right on the top ( don’t know that one , Soma, Koakuma Thiiri to Kyuuseishu!?vol 3)
    on the bottom from left to right Absolute Duo, Zodiac knights(Google translate so not sure if it’s accurate), the legend of brave Rin.

  4. Starting this friday the NSW australian school holidays start and go for 2 weeks also… i guess i can add dxd onto my reading list 🙂 thank you.
    -sirgoodguy (cant remember wordpress password….)

    • SInce you were in a spoiler type mood earlier, did the afterword give a release date for Vol 16 by any chance, and if it did could you leak it early?

  5. Code-Zero
    i saw on Baka-Tsuki that you created an Absolute Duo Teaser project and was wondering if you will translate it any further??
    Hope you do so ;/ Was really really interesting

  6. code zero-san i was wondering if it was not to much trouble could you post the direct link to the volumes from under the dxd header like in koakuma please.

  7. First off thank you very much for your hard work. Now for my question do you have any idea when vol 16 would be released? just curious thanks again code zero-san

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