Volume 15

Yeah, the limited edition of volume 15 is already out, and 1/5 of the book was the main story which takes place after volume 14, and the remaining 4/5 are short stories. The book was structured in a way where the short story was more of a flashback that characters had during the story.

During the main story, some of the major things revealed was:

-Dulio and Slash Dog visits Hyoudou residence to support them. They were also told from Michael and Azazel respectively to become Issei’s sparring partner.

-Slash Dog’s Sacred Gear(Longinus) has a form of a dog. He was also the main character of Ishibumi’s second novel “Slash Dog”. He was the only other human besides Cao Cao strong enough to make Vali use Juggernaut Drive. He has the same physique as Issei, and appears to be one or two years older than Issei. His name is Ikuse Tobio. The dog(his Longinus) is called Jin.

-Dulio. A carefree guy who is really friendly. He decided to call Issei, “Ise”, just like the other characters close to him. He tellss Issei to speak to him casually and to call him Dulio. He appears to be three or four years older than Issei.

-Issei was suggested by Kuroka to consider taking Le Fay as his candidate as his magician. She can use all sorts of magic, and has a contract with Fenrir and Gogmagog. Ravel was against it since she belongs to the Vali-team, a group of terrorist. Though she only followed them because she was concerned about her brother.

-When the Gremory group was fighting Grendal in volume 14, the Vali team was fighting the other Evil Dragon, Aži Dahāka.The battle was halted because the two Evil Dragons started fighting each other.

-The new boss of Khaos Brigade is someone that Vali and Azazel knows. Vali spoked in a manner with disgust when he talked about him. Though the name wasn’t revealed.

-Rias and Kiba waits to talk to the head of house of Tepes. At the end of the volume, it was revealed that Valerie Tepes is the head of the House of Tepes, and the leader of Tepes faction.

-For the shorty story, there was six in total.

A short story about Akeno’s past and her meeting with Rias.

A short story about Gremory girls and Sitri girls auditioning as a magical girl together with Leviathan.

A short story about Vali team’s  quest to help Albion because of the Oppai-Dragon things.

A short story about Issei, Akeno, and Gasper going to the Fallen Angels institution.

A short story about the Church Trio going to Akihabara.

And the short story about Kiba when he became Rias’s servant and when he met his master.

PS. Once the scans are up, I will start the translation.

EDIT: I also uploaded the first 2 chapters of “Koakuma Thiiri to Kyuuseishu!?”. I’m just going to do this series to have some fun in it. It will be sporadic translation.

45 thoughts on “Volume 15

  1. Oh that’s great, but didn’t the afterword said that ishibumi will be introducing the leader this volume?
    thanks a lot code zero, have you read the Japanese version?

    • Yup. Though it would be easier to translate it when the actual volume has been scanned. Im guessing that it will be uploaded by end of this months since the normal edition is coming out in 20th of June.

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  3. Awwww yeeeaaahh!!! Top lad ^_^ Thank you very much. I really do hope Le Fay becomes Issei’s contracted magician, it’s such a waste to leave her out 😛

    • Yeah, I apso hope LeFay becomes Ise’s magician…another one in the harem cant hurt right? Lol, still I always thought she was super cute so that woul give her more spotlight!

  4. OMG WTF thx alot for spoilers noob

    Just joking thx for the info and I hope you are well and good luck with the translating it when u get the scans

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    • It’s his previous work which was published few years before DxD began. I wasn’t interested in it when the synopsis came out back then, and it wasnt popular enough so it got cancelled after Volume 1.

  6. I couldn’t help but notice that one of the included short stories is hte one you have half-translated: “Let’s Go with Trainig! [Hell Chapter].

  7. “The level of their strength. Boss-lady Shien is looking forward to our impression about them.” it was said in life 1 volume 14 so is new boss a female?

    • Boss-lady Shien is from the Maverick Magicians (ie. those not affiliated with neither Mephisto nor the Khaos Brigade, and that keep the Longinus [Incinerate Anthem]).

  8. Yeah .. Perfect !!! That’s so great Code Zero – san :))) Not only the main story … but the short stories are also really worth waiting to see :)))
    Well, the problem about the boss that Vali, Azazel (old Fallen Anges team ) knew… is troubesome 😦

  9. Though she only followed them because she was concerned about her brother. ,is this ravel concerned about raizer or le fay concerned about arthur.

  10. Hey, Code-Zero! First, I want to say that you’ve done a great job with the translations so far. Thanks for your efforts.

    Now then, I have a question/request for you that I’d appreciate your reply to:
    Could you direct me to that summary of the SLASH/DOG novel? I’ve looked for anything about it on the web and haven’t found anything helpful. I could probably find something with more effort, I admit, but it’d be quicker if you’d provide provide a link or such. (And I’m sure there are others who’d be thankful for it.)

    • Hi.

      Unfortunately there is no summary or translation for Slash Dog. The raw scan of it is also unavailable. Sadly, I didnt buy nor have I read Slash Dog. It came out few years before DxD, however the story synopsis didn’t interest me back then and it still hasnt. Also due to the poor sales for it, they haven’t republished it and therefore isn’t available in any Japanese websites, unless you buy it for second-hand. I think only five thousand copies of them were sold. But if the scans do get scanned, I wont mind translating it since the the MC from “Slash Dog” appeared in DxD.

  11. Thanks, I appreciate the quick reply. And I had meant the story synopsis, my bad. But seeing as it’s not available on any Japanese websites, I doubt its still around. Oh well. Again, thanks.

  12. Code-zero-san i have a question if you would please indulge me
    Does Ophis not appear at all on vol.15? (i need at least three apperances from her for it to be a good vol.)

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