What I will be doing from now

I have decided to do the followings.

1.) Editing through earlier volumes because anime(season 2) will be coming out sometimes this year.

2.) Doing DxD short stories. Well, since Volume 15 will be compilation of short stories, there might be no point doing it. Instead Volume 15 may become boring. Oh well, I dont want to be the only one suffering from finding Volume 15 boring, so I will make you guys known the short stories before Volume 15 comes out.

Right now, I dont have that much motivation to start a new series. Maybe my motivation will come back in few months where I will become more keen on starting a new series.

Anyway, I started a short story(not completed) which centers around Akeno, and which introduces the remaining leaders of the Fallen Angels.

Here it is.


I will try to finish it in a week, since I will be translating when I have time.

PS. I will be using Maou instead of Satan, since lots of people preferred Maou over Satan. Thanks for the opinions. It helps me a lot.

37 thoughts on “What I will be doing from now

  1. But I know maybe volume 15 will be boring, but I think you can easiy get back your sense, and translate it successfully =))))

  2. Ohh,thanks a lot.
    I really wanted to ready most of the short storys,but i simple cant found then.
    Thanks for the hardy work,waiting for next Vol.

  3. Thanks again for all of your hardwork CodeZero. Quick quesiton, will Volume 15 be made up of brand new short stories? Or will they just be a compilation of already released short stories? (Except the usual extra story of course). Though I would like to read an English translation of Volume 15, like other commenters have said, its all up to you. We’ll stick with you with whatever you decide to do. I too can’t wait for Volume 16. Oh yeah, great job translating Volume 14. And thanks for these extra side stories.

  4. Anime for season 2 has not been announced. All they said was that it’s scheduled to be released after the OVA releasing in May along with volume 15.

    Thank you for listening to everyone about the Maou/Satan thing, just another reason why you’re my favorite translator on baka-tsuki 🙂

  5. For Anime S2, I think will come out this fall. On Afterword vol.14 Ishibumi-sensei said Xenovia and Gasper will come out first on manga.
    And usually there will be a gap at least one season after OVA/OAD before new series begin.

  6. Thanks for translating Volume 14 for us! May I know how to contact you? There are quite a few questions I have regarding your translations that I want to confirm before changing them in BT if you don’t mind. Or should I just address them in your discussion page/PM in forum? Thanks!

  7. Thanks for the hard work!
    My suggestion if you start a new series is ‘Madan no Ou to Vanadis’
    It’s mostly done already with rough trans by EnigmaticAxiom but I liked it because I liked DxD
    Just a suggestion. XP
    (I know it’s unlikely but got to try)

  8. I completely agree with using maou instead of satan it just sounds better like how buchou sounds better than president. P.S. thanks for your hard work and looking forward to dragon magazines short stories being translated. Thanks again.

  9. my motiv is low too n0m-nii.

    im in love with akiyama yukari from girls und panzer, but the series got an rest until march or april. i wanna see iu yukari-chwan,.is the only reason to my playing of world of tnaks, really change with the patch to girls und panzer, isgood and dont cause adiction, and sometimes i wanna put heat shells to the noob buddies.

    god luck with the shorts stories, shorts umh… i really prefer denims shirts to skirts. i prefer kagamine rin to hatsune miku, shorts are justice. god bless america!.

  10. @Tru3
    I agree that Madan no Ou to Vanadis is a good action/fantasy genre but that LN is already translated(by machine but its still readable never the less).

    Personally I want to see what kind of LN is “Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sō Desu yo?”. It has alot of Fantasy/Action elements and good comedy from what i heard.

    Regardless, appreciate CodeZero for continuing to translate the short stories of DxD.

  11. News about the second season.

    If you enter the pi simbol in the question box provided at the official site ( http://www.haremking.tv/ ), it says they will give details about it in the may issue of Dragon Ace. This could mean it will be aired this summer.

  12. Hey Zero, are you going to translate the short story from the DxD Oppai Boost Box? If you want I can send you pictures of the story to translate.

  13. I always appreciate about your efforts of translation zero-sama. I live in Korea and working (not a occupation just a hobby with our club) as a translator of DXD. Don’t worry about copying yours. I swear I don’t :D. Well, I will leave comment of cheering you as a representative of Korean High school DXD fan club. We will always cheer you up!

  14. You’re the best man, thanks.
    Can I suggest a LN to you translate?
    Hyakka Ryouran : Samurai Girls
    The LN is great, I love!

  15. Hello, I would like to ask about a poll made month ago in baka-tsuki about what novel would people like to see translated. Does anybody know what came out of this? What novel is to be translated and by who?. I only remember seing full metal panic another and going full retard 🙂

  16. @n0m@n
    “Right now, I dont have that much motivation to start a new series. Maybe my motivation will come back in few months where I will become more keen on starting a new series.”

    I hope Shinmai Maou No Testament, because similiar to DxD with Hagure Yuusha author and Campione+seirei tsukai to blade dance. Thanks hope your mind to translate it 😀

  17. buddy …you are my god ….that’s some super cool series….i started reading just before my semester exams and i am got idiotic grades yet i still love this series….pal please keep doing what you are doing … love ya 🙂

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