Volume 14 Done

Alright volume 14 is done now. I will upload the afterword in a bit.

I will be checking through each chapter to fix any mistakes and error than uploaded on B-T.

I have changed certain terminology, which I will explain it afterwards.

I will also talk about my schedule of what I will be doing until Volume 15 comes out.



Edit 1:

Afterword done.

From now on, I will be using Phoenix instead of Phenex. I originally used Phenex since it’s the actual and proper name when you check about the 72 pillars. But after watching the ED of DxD anime, it seems like the official spelling is Phoenix now.

Also I received couple of suggestion such as changing Maou → Satan. Reason is because not translating the term from the Bible seems weird when the terms such as Angels, Devils, Fallen Angels which also comes from the Bible have been translated. So I will be using Satan now.

52 thoughts on “Volume 14 Done

  1. Amazing. I’m just started to read through your translation, and suddenly you popped out and announced that the translation is done. Thanks for your hard work. I appreciated it greatly lol.

  2. Thanks for your hard work , it’s really appreciated
    On a second note i would prefere that you keep using Maou instead of Satan it just sound better that way

  3. You have done a great work of translating High school DxD, We will always get along with you =) Wish you success in your work =) I am so so so thankful to you, reading that made me not so stressed anymore =)

  4. Woo~! Thanks for the translation!!!

    I too personally prefer not to use Satan instead of Maou, but like Albert said it’s your decision

  5. Thank you for your translations!
    And as some said, I also would prefer Maou over Satan, cause I think Maou sounds cooler and more badass 😀 , but if you use Satan it´s no problem. It´s more than enough translating High school DxD for us

  6. I’d much rather you stick with the translation of Maou…… like hearing Satan-sama or Satan-dono is a lot more awkward than Maou-sama…..

  7. Thanks for the translations. I also think you should stick with maou. It’s good to have some original text left untouched, like oppai sounds better than using breasts all the time. You start to like it.

  8. hey buddy? can you please upload all those remaining volumes from B-T?
    its troublesome to bookmark more than one pages you know?

  9. no you should stick to maou, it sounds better than Satan.
    and………….the name Satan reminds me of dragon ball’s Hercules Satan…..I really don’t want to remember that thing…..

  10. THANKYOU for your hardwork!!!

    i would vote for maou 2
    because you have used satan at some other places, like satanranger, satan red, crimson satan sirzechs luciffer (know the name is written wrong) or a least i believe i remember it so..

    but please keep up the Great work

  11. ^agree with obove if you go satan gonna be like Sirzechs lucifer satan. maou sounds better but its your convershon so do as you wish still amazing that you do all this for us

  12. Amazing!!!! And volume 15 is just around the corner too. I’m amazed that you finished the whole translation in a month or so! Compared to other people you’re a god!

    I think Maou sounds better than Satan though. mostly cause most english speaking people refer to Satan as an ugly, hell bent beast, but Maou generates a bit more interest and lets people (like me) imagine the characters as normal people~

  13. hello, i have the scan raw (japanese) of ichiban ushiro no daimaou, it’s a light novel that i like. if you agree to translate them ( i would done them my self, but i dont know japanese) i can send them to you
    have a good day

  14. thank you for your hard work!

    anyway i like maou better than satan
    maou = demon king
    satan = lucifer
    for me it is just like redundant

  15. Thanks for the hard work >_<

    Anyways… I prefer Maou over Satan…
    I feel it has more impact when calling him Maou [King of all demons(devils)]

  16. I agree with a lot of the above comments, leave it as Maou.
    There should only be 1 satan, not 4.
    If you want, you can open a poll and ask the community for their opinion.

  17. Baka-tsuki’s Terminology section has it as to be referred to as Maou also:

    Devil Society Social Classes
    Ultimate Class Devils (最上級悪魔, Saijyōkyū akuma) – Maou, Great King, Arch Duke, Prince/Princess.
    High Class Devils (上級悪魔 Jyōkyū akuma) – Marguess, Margrave/Margravine, Count/Countess, Viscount/Viscountess, Baron/Baroness.
    Middle Class Devils (中級悪魔, Chūkyū akuma) – Baronet/Baronetess, Knight/Dame.
    Low Class Devils (下級悪魔, Kakyū akuma) – Newly reincarnated devils.

  18. I just came to post saying thanks for always doing this, I usually just lurk (read leach) on BT. Yeah you’re awesome thought you don’t get told that enough, take it easy.

  19. say, this novel is called DxD and we all know that that’s the nickname of great red, dragon of dragons DxD
    and we also know that great red is not the hero, ise is….and we know that the name is always related to the main character….
    so what do you think of this?
    my personal theory is….
    Vali defeat great red, and ise defeat vali and inherit the name dragon of dragons DxD

  20. I disagree about using satan instead of maoh. when plp say satan u immediatly think of THE satan from the bible. It just doesnt fit in this kind of story as maoh did. Its gonna be weird. the 4 maoh are gonna be the 4satans!? Hope ur not gonna change god to jehovah lol.
    Just keep it as it was plz after 13 volumes its too late to change names now…well i guess u can since ur the translator lol

  21. n0m trust me when I say this you are a huge help to many if ANYBODY dares to complain they deserve to be reported because of the fact that you have taken time out of your day to help us. You don’t have to do this and anybody foolish enough to complain deserves to pay for it.

  22. I just want to say thank you so much for your efforts sir your work is greatly appreciated thank you very much and please continue your good work for us who are not smart enough to learn Japanese thanks again mate

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