Volume 14 is half way done

Sigh. With Life 2 done, volume 14 is 50% completed. Though after finishing the whole volume 14, I will have to go back to edit and fix any errors. It will be easier to edit after finishing the whole volume after all. Just need to make sure the translations are smooth before uploading it on B-T.

Also about translation schedule and speed…
Hmm. I just translate when I have time, so I can’t actually say when I will be uploading them since my days goes like….

Wake-up → Part-Time → Translate → Others → Sleep

Hopefully I will have it done by end of this week.

46 thoughts on “Volume 14 is half way done

  1. Hello, I made an account just to say thanks and show my gratitude for the fast and speedy updates. Grammar isn’t that bad of a problem, I can still understand whats being said.

  2. Ah sleep the enemy of all people with many thing to do. Imagine what you could get done if you did not sleep. Rayne found out, go read the archives of the web-comic “least I could do” 10/22/08-11/13/08 to see what will happen to code zero if he tries it.

  3. I am a selfish person and I would immediately translated but you also have your own life to carry on then proceed with your time and thank you for everything ^ ^.

    P.S. sorry if my english is worth

  4. Thank you very much for taking your time for translating it for us! Wow, I mean, you have your own life yet you spare some time for people you don’t even know their real face nor acquaint of. Thank you for everything!

  5. Hi

    Excuse me for my language, but i am french^^

    I am happy that the volume 14 of High School DxD is in translation!!
    And i say : Thank you for this job because i write DxD in english thanks to you !!

    I hope , you read my message.


    PS Thank you and continu!!

  6. question
    do you know where to read the short stories translated?
    if not and youre the one who is going to translate and post them
    then theres no rush, take youre time i at least will wait
    after all youre already doing us a great favor translating the main story

  7. thanks for the hard work sad to hear it is halfway done now to wait for next book to come out thanks again couldn’t read em with out you

  8. Arigatou gozaimasu, codezerosan! no, i don’t know japanese, but i’m studying it, and perhaps in a few years i’ll be able to lend a hand in translating some publications 😛 . i actually liked the series a lot more than i expected, so i’m eagerly awaiting for volume 14. i just hope it’s not a half a story, because the delay between volumes kills me.

  9. Thank you very much for translating the serie, it’s thanks to persons like you that guys like me can enjoy light novels :).

  10. Wa thank you so much for your excellent translating !!! I love the stories =))))) The translation in English gave me strenth to read it, and relax =))) Hura !!!

  11. Code-Zero, maybe you said it’s not too fast, but for ordinary translator, I though it’s fast enough… You can see 30 page just 2-3 days (Life.2).
    So, please don’t push yourself. I’m very happy if you can translating and working without tired..

  12. I only want to thank you a lot for your hard work, you are the only reason that i could get my hands in this fantastic novel. I hope you continue doing it!

    Thanks a lot!

  13. Code-zero take ur time with the translations since u did most of the previous chapters and that u r taking time out of ur own time to do these translations! it must be such hard work and ur translations are the best so take ur time it just makes the chapters all the more better to read after waiting, is what i think! thanks for the translations and make sure u dont overwork urself!

  14. Your doing a great job, sad that there aren’t others doing it with the same efficiency. If I had more time I probably would take up something like this, too. Unfortunately, I don’t know any Japanese, but if I ever have time I would consider offering my services as a proof reader for the English translation.

    Keep on going, maybe you’d mind taking up something else? – Since nobody is really working on “Kikou Shoujo wa Kizutsukanai” I’m stuck and can’t finde anywhere to read it …

    Still one translation is probably enough.

    Thanks a lot!

  15. CodeZero, haters gonna hate, don’t let ’em do that to ya’. Thanks for everything you’ve done so far and thanks in advance for Volume 14, Keep kickin’ ass and taking names, I’m here rooting for ya’!

  16. n0m trust me when I say this you are a huge help to many if ANYBODY dares to complain they deserve to be reported because of the fact that you have taken time out of your day to help us. You don’t have to do this and anybody foolish enough to complain deserves to pay for it.

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