What I will be doing from now

I have decided to do the followings.

1.) Editing through earlier volumes because anime(season 2) will be coming out sometimes this year.

2.) Doing DxD short stories. Well, since Volume 15 will be compilation of short stories, there might be no point doing it. Instead Volume 15 may become boring. Oh well, I dont want to be the only one suffering from finding Volume 15 boring, so I will make you guys known the short stories before Volume 15 comes out.

Right now, I dont have that much motivation to start a new series. Maybe my motivation will come back in few months where I will become more keen on starting a new series.

Anyway, I started a short story(not completed) which centers around Akeno, and which introduces the remaining leaders of the Fallen Angels.

Here it is.


I will try to finish it in a week, since I will be translating when I have time.

PS. I will be using Maou instead of Satan, since lots of people preferred Maou over Satan. Thanks for the opinions. It helps me a lot.

Volume 14 Done

Alright volume 14 is done now. I will upload the afterword in a bit.

I will be checking through each chapter to fix any mistakes and error than uploaded on B-T.

I have changed certain terminology, which I will explain it afterwards.

I will also talk about my schedule of what I will be doing until Volume 15 comes out.



Edit 1:

Afterword done.

From now on, I will be using Phoenix instead of Phenex. I originally used Phenex since it’s the actual and proper name when you check about the 72 pillars. But after watching the ED of DxD anime, it seems like the official spelling is Phoenix now.

Also I received couple of suggestion such as changing Maou → Satan. Reason is because not translating the term from the Bible seems weird when the terms such as Angels, Devils, Fallen Angels which also comes from the Bible have been translated. So I will be using Satan now.

Volume 14 is half way done

Sigh. With Life 2 done, volume 14 is 50% completed. Though after finishing the whole volume 14, I will have to go back to edit and fix any errors. It will be easier to edit after finishing the whole volume after all. Just need to make sure the translations are smooth before uploading it on B-T.

Also about translation schedule and speed…
Hmm. I just translate when I have time, so I can’t actually say when I will be uploading them since my days goes like….

Wake-up → Part-Time → Translate → Others → Sleep

Hopefully I will have it done by end of this week.