Volume 14 translation

Well, like some of you already know, volume 14 life 0 has been completed (Though it needs to be edited).

I also did some of Life 1 and is up now.

I have changed my translation style. Most notably the paragraphs. The paragraph I am using now is the same as the one in the actual text. Though it might seem weird or different to English style. I also have changed my tenses to present tense since the story is told in first person. But when this translation is put on B-T, it will be changed to past-tense since all of the translation on B-T are past tense.

The translation speed will increase once I get my hand on the scans.

35 thoughts on “Volume 14 translation

  1. Thanks a lot for all the translations you make, just please don’t over work yourself if your forcing yourself to do this.

  2. u have my thanks and though its been said a said do it when and how u like it, just ignore everyone and everything else 🙂

    Cheers n0m@n

  3. already posted thanks on BakaTsuki, but gotta add them here too. Thanks for translating this series! It’s become one of my favorites, and I wouldn’t be able to read it if you weren’t translating. I read your previous post, but don’t let the trolls get you down…. they’re everywhere… and a nuisance

  4. Thank you so much Code Zero =) You are perfect to translate this novel …. Let’s go ahead, and we will definitely look forward to your translation text =)))))))) Yeah I’m happy =)

  5. Very thanks for your hard word. But i have a question. How long is this volume ? Is it longer or shorter then volume 12 ? Juding by number of illustration its shorter then rest of volumes. Can you confirm that ? Thx again

  6. Thanks for your hard work and take your time, you should ignore all the people that complain cause they probably dont know how hard it is to translate a book. Also I really wanted to ask, I’m studying japanese right now and was wondering approximately how long does it take you to read one volume?
    it takes me about 15-20 hours to read one but that seems abnormally slow so I wanted to ask, im trying different methods as well to try and read quicker while retaining the information, if you could answer my question and if you have any tips that would help a lot.

  7. Thanks and just like every one says take your time!! I’m sure most of the people are busy with the start in the new year and can wait!

  8. thanx for the awesome translation… if you happen to finish dxd what ln will you translate next.. i vote for oda nobuna no yabou

  9. wooow thks for the efforts hope we can have the translation as soon as u can hehe u r a master,… i enjoy ur translations so much and can’t wait for the next voolume… thks again

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