Books Arrived

Man, can’t believe I got my order this quickly.

Now I need some time to read them. I took some pictures since the illustrations isn’t out yet.

High school DxD volume 14 has 2 colour illustrations and 3 non-colour illustrations. Though one of the coloured-illustration is a reused one and most people have seen it already.
 photo Order1_zps0efac70a.jpg

 photo DxD14colorillustration1_zpsdbe74092.jpg

Coloured illustration 1: Le Fay
 photo DxD14colorillustration2_zps652c7b7c.jpg

Coloured Illustration 2: Sona in naked apron
 photo DxD14non-colorillustration1_zps629d8a61.jpg

Non-coloured illustration 1: Kiryuu, Motohama, and Matsuda
 photo DxD14non-colorillustration2_zps7df64519.jpg

Non-coloured illustration 2: Ravel. (Her breast got even more bigger…)
 photo DxD14non-colorillustration3_zpscfd1b9aa.jpg

Non-coloured illustration 3: Asia and Pantsu-Dragon(Fafnir).

Now I will just have to read these and enjoy my week.

Translation will start when the scans become available.

Why don’t I translate with the book I have now? Translating with one hand is a pain since I would have to hold the book with one hand and typing with my other.

Also there has been some fuckheads asking dumb ass questions before I got my hand on these books.

For example,

Q: “Why no share?”.

A: How am I fucken supposed to share when I don’t have the book fuckhead. And the question should be “Why aren’t you sharing?” dumb fuck.

Q: “Why don’t you scan it?”.

A: Because I collect them and I don’t want to butcher my books. So why don’t you buy it and scan it for everyone instead?

Anyway the translation will start when the scans are up. I will translate it here from now since so many trolls annoyed the heck out of me.

65 thoughts on “Books Arrived

    • Nope. Though the illustration of Ravel always changes due to Miyama-zero’s mistakes. That’s why Ravel also has small breast in the anime(The illustration also caused mistake for the anime staff).

  1. Good news I hope you have fun reading it and I also hope you enjoy translating it after all you should not do something you do not enjoy.

  2. I appreciate you translating them, would have no other way to read them if it wasnt for you and the other people at Baka-Tsuki.

    How long does it usually take for scans to be put up?

  3. I agree with runeqm. You should be doing this because you enjoy it. And it’s great to know that you got another volume added to your collection. Although I got to wonder what those other to series where. Oh well, I am looking forward to reading the translations and wish you the best of luck with them.

    • The magazine is *Dragon Magazine*.
      The other two novel is “The legend of Brave Rin” and “Xestmarg of Silversnow”.
      The legend of Brave Rin is awesome. DxD volume was quite okay. Xestmarg was…the illustration is okay, but I kept on stopping it every 10 minutes due to its plot.

      • if iu wanna read or buy (i hope both) search like this: 勇者リンの伝説 (Yuusha Rin no densetsu) its easy to read, the other give a head ache, is a kanji gattlin gun.

      • Excuse me, since the Dragon Magazine has DxD as its cover; does it have a short story in it? If it does have, would you mind translating it for us?

  4. Haha, Nice, hope someone scan the vol 14, i too wouldnt dare to tear it appart and scan it…
    By the way, are you really sure thats ravel? she seems to be like 2-3 years older… O.o

    • The legend of *Brave* Rin.
      Its awesome and funny lol. Out of the three books I have on the photo, I enjoyed it the most!
      Its recommended for those who loves RPG style adventure story mixed with comedies.
      Its the first volume but isnt called volume 1. Instead its called *Level 1*.

  5. Thanks for the preview

    Do you think you could make at least brief summaries (for know what is happen)?

    I want to know what is happen with Asia and Fafnir. Maybe a new familiar/tsukaima?

    • LIsten very carefully my friend be very patient because it will come in due time the volume JUST CAME OUT its little clowns like you that ruin it for all those waiting patiently and trust me there are a lot it will come in due time so wait

  6. thank you for showing the pics you have and what you have done for us all !

    I have liked highschool dxd ever since I first read it and like to continue to read it

    Im in that few who cant buy the books but like to enjoy reading them but it is your call on what you do I just wanted to say thank anyways !

  7. Hi man, many thanks for the pics and translations, I hope you enjoy the reading 🙂 .
    A question, are you currently translating other novel aside from DXD?

  8. Damn Sona sitri in nude apron.. O_o . why is she dressed like that and who is she cooking for =))…
    Suspicious… Thanks Nom@n for the teasers.. much appriciate it

  9. Hey man, hope you found time to read everything and enjoy your week. We’re all obviously very thankful for the great job you do in your translations – I could never have enjoyed this wonderful series without your amazing translations. Don’t rush it just because a few dumbasses keep pestering you to start translation – just the fact that you do it is enough, and you should be allowed to do it as and when you feel like it, at your own pace.

    It’s perfectly understandable that you don’t want to ruin your copy to scan it – I’d collect them too if I could read them!

    Apologies for the trolls – some people just have no patience and don’t understand that people have other things going on in their lives. As long as there are stupid people, there will be stupid questions..

    Thanks for the pictures. Hope all is well for you and you enjoy translating for years to come!

  10. I’m wondering something if its far it here maybe Asia’s sprite dragon rassei turned into fafnir… Not meant to be stupid just that it said that dragons grow abnormaly fast so yeah…

  11. i dont get how so many people dont realize that in order to get a clean scan of a page you have to cut the pages out of the book at the spine.

  12. question .. so that means some volume illustrations was donated (scaned by others) or from n0m@n it self?? wow i did not realize it in the first place.. yea i can understand the feelings of buying a book and ripping it (for the sake of others to watch) just like nothing T_T .. i thought it was just easy… to OTHERS who demands too much to noman they should feel ashamed of themselves. it is not easy for the owner to destroy whats precious to him/her easily.. noman is trying hard to summarize it for others for free and yet they demand more???? fuck them all

    • Hmm it depends on how many books/magazines I buy. If Im buying 1 to 3 books/magazine, then I simply order it from the local Japanese Bookstore. They usually take 1 to 2 weeks for the books to arrive.
      Anything more than 4 books, then I buy it from honto or amazon. I prefer to buy it from honto because they usually have cheaper shipping fee if you are buying LN or manga since they arent heavy. But I use amazon at times because you cant preorder upcoming magazines at honto and they dont list it till it gets released.

  13. i’m very appreciate your work man ^_^
    thx for translating hs dxd i read all on the BT ^_~
    i hope they will be a english version novel i want to collect them even i already read it in web huaa T___T
    and i still waiting for the second season anime T_T
    sorry if my english is bad hehehe 😀
    i’m mad see someone only can bubbling on you men, i know how you feel translating those f*ck*ng japanese is really pain in the *ss T___T
    regards anime lovers hehehe ^,^

    • Sona and Rossweisse’s short story should be coming out in the future. At this point, there arent any short story of them yet. Except the one which involves the whole Student Coucil, and it should be appearing in Volume 15.

  14. Wouldn’t Ravel looking older be a result of a devil’s ability of changing their appearance, Issei preferring onee-chan types and Ravel wanting to meet those preferences? BTW, looking forward to the short stories for Irina and the Grigori Institute adventure. Thanks as always for the time and effort for all this.

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