Volume 14 translation

Well, like some of you already know, volume 14 life 0 has been completed (Though it needs to be edited).

I also did some of Life 1 and is up now.

I have changed my translation style. Most notably the paragraphs. The paragraph I am using now is the same as the one in the actual text. Though it might seem weird or different to English style. I also have changed my tenses to present tense since the story is told in first person. But when this translation is put on B-T, it will be changed to past-tense since all of the translation on B-T are past tense.

The translation speed will increase once I get my hand on the scans.

Books Arrived

Man, can’t believe I got my order this quickly.

Now I need some time to read them. I took some pictures since the illustrations isn’t out yet.

High school DxD volume 14 has 2 colour illustrations and 3 non-colour illustrations. Though one of the coloured-illustration is a reused one and most people have seen it already.
 photo Order1_zps0efac70a.jpg

 photo DxD14colorillustration1_zpsdbe74092.jpg

Coloured illustration 1: Le Fay
 photo DxD14colorillustration2_zps652c7b7c.jpg

Coloured Illustration 2: Sona in naked apron
 photo DxD14non-colorillustration1_zps629d8a61.jpg

Non-coloured illustration 1: Kiryuu, Motohama, and Matsuda
 photo DxD14non-colorillustration2_zps7df64519.jpg

Non-coloured illustration 2: Ravel. (Her breast got even more bigger…)
 photo DxD14non-colorillustration3_zpscfd1b9aa.jpg

Non-coloured illustration 3: Asia and Pantsu-Dragon(Fafnir).

Now I will just have to read these and enjoy my week.

Translation will start when the scans become available.

Why don’t I translate with the book I have now? Translating with one hand is a pain since I would have to hold the book with one hand and typing with my other.

Also there has been some fuckheads asking dumb ass questions before I got my hand on these books.

For example,

Q: “Why no share?”.

A: How am I fucken supposed to share when I don’t have the book fuckhead. And the question should be “Why aren’t you sharing?” dumb fuck.

Q: “Why don’t you scan it?”.

A: Because I collect them and I don’t want to butcher my books. So why don’t you buy it and scan it for everyone instead?

Anyway the translation will start when the scans are up. I will translate it here from now since so many trolls annoyed the heck out of me.