The one month I had since finishing Life.3 and this post. I was using all my spare time to play all these retro games before the release of FF15.

Yeah, I’ll accept all the hate:D Though I did finish my share of translation so I did fulfill the requirement.

Anyways for the updates of my translation.


Volume 22:

Okay. So with the end of Life.3 which was uploaded a month ago, the Fourth Story Arc is finally completed!

Fourth Arc began from volume 13 (14) and went upto half of volume 22.

The remaining half of volume 22 is the Fifth Arc. Zxzxzx will be doing it as we planned. He has updated his site since his exams are over.

Please do not urge him to do the translation faster. The Chinese translation which he translates from was quite slow for this volume for some reason. When you guys got Life.3, the Chinese translation just finished Life.1 back then.


Other translation:

I said that I will continue Encore when I’m done with my share but another group showed interest in translating the series. So they will be translating Encore from now. Good luck to them.

I will be finishing of Theeri volume 1 since some people has been asking me to finish it off. So I won’t be starting another series for now.






One year and 3 months since last post….

Time sure flies.

It’s already been 1 year and 3 months since my last post.

So decided I should write something.

Anyways, Zxzxzx has finsihed volume 21 which was the last volume of last story arc! (Just the afterword left!)


So here’s a present.

Volume 22 Life.0

Comparing Encore with DxD in terms of translation…. DxD is much easier possibly because of translating 10 volumes + in the past.

Currently trying to get the feeling of “translating” again by doing volume 22 so I can start on Encore again. Well, it’s obviously due to my laziness.


New Translator

Like the title says, we have a new translator! Though some of you were already aware of it

He has already started translating from where I left off and is almost done with his second chapter! Nice~

He will be finishing off volume 18. He’s waaaay faster than me right now so getting him to take over from where i stopped was a great help

He has uploaded his translation on his site

He will be uploading them on B-T once completed, yay! (Where’s the emoticon when you need them??)

Hopefully the DxD will become up to date like two years ago

I’ll still be translating stuff. Having another translator sure will make this alot easier from now on^-^

PS. It’s hilarious how DxD anime turned into ZnT 2.0. Can’t stop myself from laughing ever since I saw the changes to the latest episode. So Fenrir who was in the top 10 strongest in his prime is getting pushed around by the Gremory group who would be considered weak huh. Well, the season 2 pretty much implied that Sirzechs, Azazel, and Michael were too weak to enter the fight between Issei and Vali so I wont be that shocked.

Edit: Just waiting for his link to be fixed

Edit 2: Added link to Zxzxzx’s translation


Edit 3: Just for those that asked in the comments below. I started v2 of Encore. The prologue is already up on B-T


Yeah, I did start translating volume 18. Though I need to increase my translation pace.

Oh yeah. Just got my late-November LN series.


I ordered two series from the new label Dash X since two amazing manga-authors are doing the illustrations for the new series.

Yabuki (Black Cat, ToLoveRu) and Kawashita (Ichigo100%).

And Yabuki never dissapoints his fan!

(Prepare for nosebleed)


Nice right? Now this is how a real ecchi illustration is drawn!

And Im lucky enough to get postcards and such with the books.

Naga is getting released today in Japan but I was lucky enough to have my package sent earlier.

Just felt like posting to share the illustration above for all Yabuki-fans.

My brain died

The first reaction I had when I opened my email and my blog was….. “The fu##”


My email had 300+ unread messages. The mail capacity in animesuki was 100% full. And some emo going wild in BT.


Never thought it would turn like this for playing dead for 2 months. I didn’t access any of my accounts during those time since I kinda predicted how it would turn out. Though I have been posting few messages on a-s.


I never thought there would be so much comments.

Well…I did say I would get back to translation in October so….yeah. I was supposed to have spare time in October if only I finished the piles of work I could have done in September. But…I’m one of those lazy guys who leaves everything till the last minute. Which I am regretting since I had to finish off all those works within short time (I seriously had that coming).


I would be lying if I said that I didn’t have access to the internet. I mean I need to watch this seasons anime after all (fate, GBF Try, G no Reco, rape-ange, and more).


And man. The hobby I started since middle of 2014 had me hooked. That hobby is GDC (Gundam Duel Company) and it easily stole more than $1000 dollars from me. I spent basically 99% of my time on the internet on it. Because of the missions and conquests…


And the world tournament is coming up in less than 2 weeks… I need to have everything ready by then. I need to aim for the top!


For those interested and still don’t know about it, go here:



Making your account is free and you get free rental cards. Though you won’t get anywhere unless you actually buy loads of booster boxes which costs heaps…


So far two booster boxes have been released. GNDC01 and GNDC02. The rarity of cards are rated from R1 to R6. R1 being the lowest and R6 being the best.

So R1 = common, R2 = uncommon, R3 = rare, R4 = super rare, R5 = Ultra rare, R6 = Ultra special rare.


I ended up buying 6 booster boxes for both booster box 1 and 2. And then traded if I had duplicate copies and also bought single cards. The rarest card, R6, would cost between $60 to $100.

Getting an R6 from a booster box would be in 1 in 2 chance. So you would have to buy R6 as a single card and cry over how much you spent on it. Booster box 01 was a torture. You either get one R6, one R5, and two R4    OR   one R5 and three R4 in a booster box. Getting the later would make you cry and seeing someone getting the later would make you laugh your ass off.

Though the company fixed 02 by giving you another R5 if you didn’t get a R6.


I remember one kid who bought the booster box 02 on the first day and sat with my group. Me and my mates bought several booster boxes and were shouting out every time we got an R6. The kid was in a happy-mode when he bought his booster box and sat next to us. But after he realised he got the shitty booster box which didn’t have R6….he walked away in silence. I actually felt sorry for that kid. The happy kid who suddenly became dark and gloomy…


I probably should buy a whole carton (12 booster boxes) when GNDC03 comes out. It’s guaranteed that I would get all the cards in one-go. I seriously hope they introduce series like Gundam Wing, Gundam X and G Gundam in the future. Zeta Gundam, and Justice Gundam are pretty much revealed to appear in the next booster box. Zeta Gundam…..one of the best Gundam ever. Thinking of getting my hand on it makes me drool. It will definitely be a R6 card.


And the physical copies of the cards, especially R6 and R5, looks magnificent. Some people buys them as collection.


Though any gundam-fans should be playing it. If you aren’t, then you are NO gundam-fan!


Don’t play homo-game like kancolle! Play GDC!

All those work pretty much killed my brain. So GDC was more souce of life when I was doing my work. Organising your troop while doing your work. Nice~.

Well, I was so busy with GDC that I haven’t touched LN for so long. I’m serious. I haven’t any LN for more than two months. I just read encore v2 a week ago. But before that…nothing. I totally forgot that I was fan-translating dxd (and encore).

And what other LN was I reading again? I seriously forgot.



The excuse I was originally going to use for the progress of volume 18 was: “Volume 18 takes place in X-mas. So I wanted to release around then since it would be fitting”.

Though anyone could tell that would be BS. I think volume 19 takes place in New Year. Or am I wrong? Oh well.


Damn. Now I have to finish 4 volumes of LN by end of this year. Dxd v18, dxd v19, encore v1, and encore v2. What have I gotten myself into… Lucky another group is doing altina. Now I can totally forget about it. Lalalalah.


And man. It’s said that you can get a bj from a girl if you took her to a broadway show (info taken from south park). But that was bs… it didn’t happen… Wasted hundred bucks on nothing. I ended up going to the brothel after that due to the hole in my heart.




Where was I again? I’ve been talking about gdc for the whole time…

Oh yeah. I will get back to translation from 21st of November. I’m serious this time since that’s when my holiday starts and when my final submission is. The GDC world tournament would start from 13th of November and end in early December. So I will translate as I play. I will continue with Dxd first since everyone wants that over encore (though encore is awesome). I haven’t read all the emails and comments yet. Maybe I shouldn’t open it….

Anyway, I will be back on 21st.

Another translator’s opinion on quality and progress

This was posted in the chinese UMD translation journal:

8/25 Finished the epilogue, the whole book is completed. I have mentioned before there is almost no one within the group who wanted to participate, and basically one person had to finish half the book by himself. Not to mention there is only one editor, so undoubtedly the speed will be extremely extremely slow. There seem to be some kids at certain rehosts were unaware of such, and believe that once the project has began there is a responsibility to finish it at high speeds with great quality. The only thing I can say is, I am only the same as everyone else who like the story, and hope to share it with those who can not read Japanese. We do not have the duty and responsibility to absolutely finish the translation project at high speeds efficiently. On top of that, only those who have had participated in such work understand how difficult it is. I hope the kids who think we are too slow, unkind, irresponsible can carefully think about such an issue. As for the Unbreakable Machine Doll 14 released at the end of September, if nothing special comes up, I will continue to work on it. Of course, efficiency is not something I can gurantee. If there are kids who do not like it, I dare you to come punch me!

Source: http://www.lightnovel.cn/thread-746430-1-1.html


[Note: I am not codezero]

You Should Read: 黒鋼の魔紋修復士 (Kuro no Hiera Glaphicos)

Kuro no Hiera Glaphicos (or Kurono for short) is a series written by Akihiko Ureshino (as his works list is too many to count, I’ll just link to his wikipedia page: http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E5%AC%89%E9%87%8E%E7%A7%8B%E5%BD%A6) , illustrated by Miyuki Ruria and published by Famitsu Bunko. The first volume in the series came out on March 30, 2012, the series currently spans 10 volumes, with the tenth volume released on July 30th, 2014 (to widely positive reviews). The series involves the unlikely partnership of its protagonists – the naive, sheltered but well-intentioned Valeria Costacurta, and the world-weary, cynical jerk with a heart of gold Dimitar Richternacht.

The setting is akin to a hodgepodge of Europe during the Crusaders and the Renaissance (which comes off as totally conflicting, but bear with me), in that while the kingdoms under the Holy Alliance (Ahmad, Heidelaute, etc.) evoke the imagery of Renaissance times, their conflict against the heretical kingdom of Bigelow is pretty much identical to the nature of the Crusaders (save for an unspoken cessation of hostility currently in effect). Magic exists, but in the form of magic tattoos, and while only 1 in 10 people might be able to use magic, only 1 out of 100 (of those who can be taught to use magic) can be called elites. Ahmad, in comparison to the other countries in the Holy Alliance, stands above everyone else due to their political, economical, and magical strengths, which earns them the jealousy of the aforementioned countries (so it’s pretty much the EU, in a sense). Also, there exists a position called Dominas – maidens who are akin to the Wives of God (think shrine maiden in Western terms). These girls also act as representatives of their respective countries, performing tasks such as emissaries, mediators, and sometimes intervening in conflict; as such, they are chosen from the best of the very best. There can only be twelve Dominas in existence, and Ahmad possesses three – another point of contention for their allies.
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